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Legacy Food Storage- Offering gourmet standard emergency food storage!

December 19, 2013

Legacy Food is known for taking emergency preparation of food storage to highest standards. Partnering with White family, the company came into existence. The entire world was introduced to Sawyers Premium and Bear Creek Soups by this company. In order to add excellent taste and high quality ingredients to food being supplied during emergencies, Legacy Premium came into existence. For soups, entrees and side dishes, a wide range of flavours and tastes were developed using chilli mixes and soups prepared in the finest possible manner with sound experience of more than twenty years. The quality of emergency food has undergone a radical change with the efforts of this company.

 Taste is Supreme

 The company conducted a review internally as well as among their customers on freeze dried and dehydrates food storage, a major drawback came to light and that was taste. The food that was supplied for storing for times when there is a natural calamity or a disaster should also taste great. Till the company came into existence, there was no food storage produced that actually tasted great and general public had to devour food just to bide their time when disaster passed and peace prevailed again. A decision was made by Legacy Premium to offer food products that more than served their purpose and develop a high end product that could be purchased by a family off the shelf at any grocery store and consumed for lunch or dinner. Even if meant for emergency used, getting food products that are packed with necessary nutrients and good in taste just like any high end restaurant was a dream for many people. With an extensive range of products from the company, consumers finally got what was missing for a long time.

 Affordable Food Storage Solutions

 Legacy Premium gained a lot of popularity not only for offering high quality ingredients and gourmet tastes but also dependable, affordable and simple to use solutions in food storage products. Where inflation is increasing at an alarming pace and everything is becoming costly, Legacy Premium is emerging as low cost leaders in the world of food storage. Myler pouches are used for sealing these tasty meals along an oxygen absorber. Nitrogen is also flushes so as to retain value of nutrients and flavours in the food for more than 25 years. Further, these pouches are packed inside plastic buckets that are re-sealable and can be stacked conveniently on shelves where these are stored. Moreover, they are quite simple and convenient to carry, weigh no more than 40 lbs and when an emergency situation occurs, it can be grabbed as one rushes out the door. 

 Since one cannot predict when a disaster may hit and opportunity to consume emergency foods arise, one has to be on the safer side and buy Legacy Premium Food Storage products. This way, you will rest assured that you have emergency food to bank upon in case worse comes to worst and you may have to stay cooped up in your home for a long time. Gourmet meals can be prepared at any time just by adding a little water. The meals produced by one of the trusted names in emergency food storage products, Legacy Food Storage.

Posted By Jenna J. Segura

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